My #TestDriveDundee experience

The whole thing was a fantastic experience. The university was great and the facilities available to the students are amazing.

On Monday I visited the DJCAD digital studio which was great for me as I'm really interested in textile design. As an added bonus I even got to make my own souvenir with the laser cutter. 

I particularly enjoyed having a nosy around the union, the variety of places for students to go and eat or just relax is brilliant, plus the library and its technology is an amazing asset for students. And going on live radio was particularly cool. 

I absolutely adore Dundee now. Tuesdays tour of the city showed how quaint and quirky Dundee is, with its own little perks and hidden gems and enough to explore which I absolutely love!

Such a good atmosphere around campus! The facilities are so nice too. I'd love to come here! Sophie

Some of my favourite bits

Everyone has been such a good sport here, they really care and invest in their students

The students and staff are so genuine. They're not afraid to approach you or lend a helping hand